Unbelievable…?! Since the relaunch and new branding Do What Make Good has reached 100.000 visitors this week. This is crazy guys…!

Looking back to 2014 this I started this blog under astornet.de to keep my folks and friends informed about the progress of my hike. The page was delisted from search engines and only the people who new the address where able to find it.

If I go back to the first articles from 2016 I really have to smile. It reads like professional minutes from a business meeting. “Today I started hiking at 7am and walked 34km. This is 1% of the total distance…” 😂. I never had good grades in German and when we had to write an essay which was scheduled for 4h I was usually done after 1h with a maximum of one page where others wrote 20. Writing was not my thing.

At then end of my hike in New Zealand I suddenly received messages from people I didn’t know who told me that they had followed my entire journey. I was shocked! They were reading my private notes. It took me a few weeks to make my peace with it and to realise what a chance this actually was. I was able to inspire people, make them think and give back from the amazing experiences I went through only by writing it down and sharing it.

And now? In November 2016 I sat down for a few days and re-desinged the blog and it received it’s new name “Do What Make Good” and branding from my good friend Arno. Within the last 14 month more than 100.000 visitors have visited the site.

Thanks for reading, sharing, commenting and giving me feedback. It’s an important part and it keeps me writing.

Share your thoughts! Let me know what you want to hear in the future. Or what not?

Thanks. Sweet as, bro. Happy trails 🤘