It has been quite a while since my last post. But life has been very busy the last month and I literally just had no time to write. It is very unfortunate but maybe I can use the holiday season to catch up again. Unbelievable but true – it has been more than a year by now. The year is coming to an end and many of us are peaking into 2019 already. So do I.

Calendar 2019

I have received questions about the new Do What Make Good calendar for 2019. The answer is fairly easy – if you want to have one then there will be one 😉. So it’s up to you! I have also decided to give you a vote this year. Not all pictures have been selected so far. So if you have any favourite pictures from last year which you want to be included – just let me know! Maybe a little teaser…


Order now until 16. December

Next to the question if there will be one at all I have also had questions for a bigger format. So I have done some research. There will be 2 version for next year – additionally to last years DIN A3 (42cm x 30cm) there will be a bigger version in DIN A2 (60cm x 42cm). There might be a better price depending on the amount I will produce – if I will of course pass it on to you. But for now it will be roughly 25€ for DIN A3 and 45€ for DIN A2 including shipping.

If you want to have a calendar please send me an email to until 16.12. By this I can still ensure that the calendar will arrive until 1. January. Please include your full address and the size you want to have.


#happy trails and wishing you a beautiful and relaxing pre-christmas season!