After taking the bus back to Te Kuiti I arrived at the same spot where I had left the trail 10 days ago. A weird feeling. But it also created a sense of humility inside of me. The trail showed me how easy it is to get kicked off – so don’t overdo it.
i had lunch at the same place where I had lunch before I left ten days ago and it somehow felt like closing the loop. I also finished my All Blacks book and set off. First of all road walking…

…which gives you also a lot of views of road kill. I call this one full assimilation with the road.

I progressed ok. It was not a smooth walk. Due to my compensating moves and limping my legs, hips and especially my right foot was demanded more. I was also afraid of slipping or putting unexpected pressure or movements on the foot. So I backed almost every single one up with the poles which made me slow of course. The trail went over farmland which is difficult to walk – a lot of holes and unstable ground covered with gras.

And partly it went back into the forest between the paddocks which was nice.

My friends the fan-tails are also back again!

Overall not very exciting. But probably also due to the fact that I very much concentrated on my steps. The forest part was quite challenging and steep as well. Now at least I know that it works and how much I can do how fast…
Grabbed a quick dinner when I entered Waitomo of course not without making friends again. A farmer couple from Hawks Bay invited me to join their table and by this of course also inviting me to stay at their place. Kiwis ? Turned out that their daughter which was also there worked in the caves and was the flatmate of the Polish girl which gave me a ride two weeks ago to Taumarunui. What a small world…

Had another km on the road to the hostal I am staying in tonight. Pitch black on the street. Sunset today was at 5.37h – the days are so short now ?

Amazing – 10 days off and I can feel that I lost some of my condition already. Can actually feel my legs and this only after 16km.

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