After catching a bus down to Sterlingpoint in Bluff the adventure finally started from here:

That’s how part of my most important gear looks before the start – let’s see how they will accompany me ?

After nasty weather yesterday I was really lucky today. Sunshine blue sky and only little tailwind. Almost a little to warm for the hike and the sun was burning down on me for 7h.


>> facing south with view on Stuart Island

After a nice circle around the Bluff island unfortunately there were about 25km left to walk on the highway. To be very honest – it sucks!

I already love this country! People are friendly, open, truly interested and always wanting to support you – maybe I look like I do need it ? I already received numerous invitations to stay with people when I will pass by. I am overwhelmed! Also today I met a guy, Albert (no, he his not German), who was riding his bike from north to south. He was still on his way down to Bluff and I am on my way back – but sure that he would catch up on his bike. So we just said “see you later”. And guess what – Albert was my first real trail angel. He stopped when he caught me and handed me an ice cold Gatorade which he picked up in the store because he thought I could need it. Albert, you are the MAN! THANK YOU and have a safe trip back.

After 34km I was really exhausted! I have to admit I underestimated a little bit what it means to walk 34km in hiking boots on asphalt. So the only thing I managed after the 7h hike was to take a shower and quick dinner before I passed out at around 10pm. So 2016 started out sleeping tight for me – maybe this is a sign for a relaxed 2016?! ?

Happy new year to all of you and I am off to my next 32km on the beach.

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