Clear night. Luckily the clouds stayed 30 meters below us – so no wet tent and a good view. Only the wind picked up quite a bit at 6.30 when I was getting ready. But what an amazing start today! Closed layer of clouds all over France and we were above.

I also damaged my feet a bit yesterday since I hiked with wet feet the entire time. The wrinkly skin rubbed on my insoles and I was to lazy to take them off and tape them. So therefore I had to tape them this morning but they still hurt a bit. I just hope the tape wasn’t too late.

The day got better and better. We left the pure rolling farmland and came to a very long and beautiful ridge walk. The scenery reminded me a lot on New Zealand.

And we were finally getting into the mountains I had the feeling. The peaks were higher and also the rough alpine landscape was getting more dominant.

After another long climb and the following descent into a valley we were hoping for a new Refuge to be open. But when we arrived it was still a construction site. Since it was Sunday nobody was there and we just went into the garage to find some shade for a nap. I am beginning to arrive in the hiker life again. Spilling food over me and my beard because I am laying down

to eat – and of course not caring. But also the thoughts are strongly focused on the hiking part and a few topics which wouldn’t let me go from the last weeks and month. Feels great!

Last part for today was another 700 meter climb to a pass and then another 200m down to the Source de Marmitou – What a sweet name. The first half was a nice walk through a beech-tree forest. The beech-trees looked very much alike the ones from New Zealand. The bark has the same colour-scheme and they also become very big.

Funny guy on the way 🤣

And once we left the tree line I thought I was I  the Sierra Nevada again! The same bright limestone, beautiful meadows in between and the stunning alpine landscape.

And the final stage – view from the Col over Source de Marmitou to Lescun.