When I woke up this morning at 6.30 it was still 23 degrees warm on 1.850m! That’s crazy.

Gareth came over to my tent when I was getting ready and told me he would have a rest day right here in the mountains. His flight back was booked for the 5. September and if we would continue running together he would have to end the trip with a two or three week beach vacation – what a horrible thought…🤣

It’s sad on the one hand side because I really enjoyed his company and Gareth is a good sports. On the other hand I came out here to have time on my own again and also to hike my pace – especially the long and steep uphill slopes which I just love… So thanks Gareth for your great company and enjoy the hike! #happytrails

A last look back to the source and the beautiful valley we camped at night.

And 1.5h later I had dropped 600 meters through this beautiful valley:

When I arrived in Lescun there were clear priorities! First things first!

And then I had to sort out a few things. I was not able to upload my blog for the last days. When ever I tried I only received error messages from the server. So researched a bit and finally had to switch to a different tool. This also meant to transfer all the written articles into the new tool, manually adding the photos again on the right spot, headlines, etc. So two hours were just gone sorting this out. I charged my battery-pack and camera battery, had another coffee and started planning the next stage and amount of food which I needed to shop now. In the shop I decided to get a how the Hobbits call it “Second Breakfast” 😊

What can I say. I left town at 12.30 only and it was already 32C! Lescun lies within the mountains on 900m! And in front of me a straight 1.100m climb now. What can I say.

The only help in the lower section was a bit of forest once in a while:

I used every water source along the way to drink at least a liter or two. I was sweating so hard that my t-shirt and shorts were dripping from sweat. I am a good sweater when I exercise hard but I haven’t seen that before – especially not while hiking. BUT, I was also flying up the hill. I felt amazingly strong today. My feet are back to normal and also the twisted ankle is to 95% ok again. So I just flew up the really steep climb in the hottest time of the day. The last bit of the steep climb was announced with 4h to the Refugio. 20 minutes later I was on the saddle and the sign here said 2:30h to the Refugio. Man, I was on fire! Apparently my muscles do have a good memory. I am in better shape than I expected and hoped for. It was just soooo good!

But one of the main reasons for all the fun was this. We entered the real mountains now and it was just stunning. Hard to describe but definitely one of my best days in the mountains so far. Every saddle I reached and every corner I came around offered views into the next valley or peak. Just see for yourself.

The total trip to the Refugio was estimated with 8h – after 4:30h I was up there for my “lunch-break”. Some people might think it’s crazy, but for me it’s the best way to relax. I am so focused on my surroundings, the views, the smell and the sounds when I run up – it’s like meditation for others. I had a 30 minute break, received a few irritated looks when I put my backpack back on and left when everyone else on the hut was getting ready for dinner 🤣

But the time now is just too good to sit inside.

And the views just wouldn’t stop on the way down. Another 600 meters down on the other side…

…before I jumped into this river and took a little bath. Pretty cold but so refreshing after this day. They can probably grow salt-water fish in the river now after I left all my sweat of the day in it 🤣🤣🤣

Happy hiker. Dinner and out.