Short one only today since I had to chase cows away from my tent for an hour now already getting out every single time. And it’s almost 11pm.

We got up in the mist again of course.

Up the first big climb. Fortunately it was misty and therefor nice and cold. In the other hand everything was just soaking wet and my shoes were a swimming pool after 10 minutes. And this is how I looked afterwards:

Gareth and I hiked together again. His pace is good on the downhill and straight sections but uphill I really have to slow down and so I don’t get into my rhythm. But besides this it was a good day. Cleared up later in the morning.

More clouds. We went up hill by hill and of course going it down on the other side again. The clouds came and went.

Lunch went with the usual tent and sleeping bad drying in the sun.

And then still being a bit stiff after the long break it happened. A rock slipped away underneath my foot on the downhill slope and to prevent rolling my ankle I fell forward face first on the rocky trail. Luckily not much happened – a few minor scratches on the legs, a little hole with a rock inside on my right hand and I still twisted my left ankle a bit. So in certain positions it hurts when I put weight on the foot. But I guess this is going to get better soon while walking on it. Got to be more careful – especially in the mountains! 🤦‍♂️

And after a few more hills we came to a tiny little store in a Col and I couldn’t resist.

The clouds were still hanging low and we had to make the call to either go up and over Pic D’Ory or around. It was already 5pm when we got going again but we still

wanted to give it a shot. We had seen the peak the entire day always sticking out of the clouds. But when we went up we only saw this:

Looking at the time and weather we made the right call to get off the ridge and around the peak. Even though when we got around the mountain we could see that it was clear from the other side…

Final climb up.

And the camping spot made up for the missed peak 😍

And then the roaming cows would not let go. I was already in my sleeping bag but they would come up in groups to inspect the tent. So I had to get up every 15 to

chase them away. I want to sleep…! And all the cowbells 🙉