After a decent breakfast and two double cappuccino we hitchhiked to Greymouth and Ben & I directly caught the next ride to Hokitika. In the rain again!

We got picked up by a crazy guy that was completely stuck in multiple conspiracy theories driving like a maniac. Happy and lucky to get out alive ?

We went to the local museum to prepare ourselves to find greenstone (NZ jade) on the beach. We also found a few that looked like greenstone when they were wet. But once they dried they looked like normal rocks again. I guess we have to go back to class…

Strolled through the shops a little bit and finally went back to Greymouth to our backpackers – Global Village. The best backpackers I have ever seen so far! I got myself the long awaited dinner:

The biggest snoring concert was on tonight in our room. Two guys were battling each other for the loudest and weirdest noises. Could go to sleep until 3am…

And finally a real rest day! Breakfast, some light shopping and just chilling in the hostal. A little bit disturbing what I found in one of the art galleries in the kids section… 

Maybe we’ll use the spa later on. I will definitely have a nice dinner again tonight.

Only two more sections before we reach the north coast of the South Island ?

946km done now (32%)! This is already 100km more than walking from top to bottom in Germany. I really have to slow down!

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