First thing I had to learn – never drop a phone in salt water. It’s always instant death because of the corrosion. So I went out, bought a new iPhone 6s and with this paid 1600$ for the river crossing…

Lily was so kind to let me use her wifi for the setup of the phone. I sat in the restaurant the entire day trying to restore my phone from a backup. Fortunately I had done the last backup two weeks ago so only the last two weeks of photos, mails, etc. were lost. A lot of hick ups and at night I thought I finally had it. So went to the Cellblock backpackers. The old prison where you sleep in the actual cells with the original doors. Quite cool!
I wanted to leave in the morning to get back on the trail but realized by browsing that most of my photos had not been restored and other things also where not there. So I went to the one and only official apple retailer in town to restore it again.
They were so kind to let me use there wifi and start the restoring process again. The next try also didn’t work – my contacts, calendar and messages were all missing. So I went back to the Amici, had lunch and tried it again. Until 5pm the phone tried to download the backup but showed “2 minutes remaining” for about three hours.
I stopped the process, went back to the shop and asked for help. They offered me to hook it to the computer with better connection and give it a go over night. My last chance. I left my phone and it felt unsatisfying to give it out of hand “not having control” but also great not having to stare at it for hours and hours anymore.
Lenka, a lady who worked at the amici offered me to stay at her place for the night. So I took my backpack and walked to her place.
We had a great evening together with her daughter Anna. It received a fascinating insight into today’s teenagers social life affected by social media and electronic devices. We sat together until late at night and really enjoyed. I passed out on the couch and had a short but deep sleep…
THANK YOU Whangarei for your support and two days of great food and hospitality!!!