We enjoyed getting up this morning having a shelter for breakfast and packing. Also got to see a beautiful sunrise which gave us hope for the day.

Another 30km to go today. We started out with moderate wind and blue sky. Great way to start the day. We enjoyed the nice weather and also used the opportunity to take pictures. These days you never know when the weather will change again. The forecast included two small thunderstorms and rain again.

You cannot walk on the beach during high tide since the water comes up to the dunes. So we decided to take a break for the hour around high tide and have our first break. High tide was at 11.30am today so we left the beach with the start of the first light shower and took some shelter in the forest. Really nice and dry spot. Had our lunch and all took a twenty minute nap. It felt so great but also tough to get up again… More sun for today.

And then of course the rain rolled in and gave us the wind, 70km/h gusts and rain. So we installed the train again and I went in front. I pushed us for about an hour until the wind calmed down a little bit and eventually almost dropped completely. Sun came out again and also our gear dried again.

But the last days wouldn’t be the last days without the proper care well weather. It almost feels as if the trail didn’t want to let us go… You can and do slow us down, yes. But you will not stop me from getting to the Cape. Not now. Not anymore. I actually enjoyed walking in the rain and heavy wind. Since I knew it would be over soon I just enjoyed it. Maybe getting wet the last time. The weather trying to beat me down on the last km. No. I couldn’t stop smiling for quite a while. 2km short of our camp spot – right when we finally were dry again we received another heavy shower and were soaking wet again.
We made it to the campsite and had to find out – no water supply!

We hadn’t planned for that. Luckily we found a little stream where we could take some water out and filter it. Good dinner and early bed time.

Second last night… ? Today I was definitely more sad about it being over soon than finishing. Strange. You work so hard for it to get here and than you don’t want it to end…