Took my time this morning to plan the next three weeks. Quite a bit of work since there are many river or inlet crossings, boat transfers and tide times to be considered and organised. Happy that I am through now. As it seems another 19 days from here – if nothing goes wrong.

The rest of the day was not really spectacular since I couldn’t kayak the Puhoi Stream – upstream direction. So more fighting against the road. The Puhointrack though was nice and cussioned.


Also the density of Kauri trees increases. Saw a beautiful one today.

Took me longer than expected today. So I only arrived at 6.15h, almost one hour after sunset. I had checked to stay at a farmstay with the Bauer’s which turned out to be Swiss. We had a nice dinner and I decided to stay in their apartment instead of the tent – now going for a good sleep ?