The day started out with a wet tent but got instantly better with this breakfast and view!

Unfortunately I left right at high tide why I couldn’t walk some of the beach parts because the water was just to high.

Not that I was afraid of getting wet but I didn’t want to slip or get pushed over by a wave with the big backpack. So I detoured via the road and tried my luck a few times. That didn’t help in progressing and also added extra mileage on the clock… I was glad that I had done the stretch beforehand already. It was beautiful to continue the beach view from yesterday and also to walk on the beach on some of the stretches with low tide coming in.


It was hillier than expected! The cliffs and road detours turned it into a constant up and down. I had a big and early lunch in Browns Bay since I had to wait for the low tide at 15.17h to cross the Okura River 10km further. More nice beach walking until I got to the mouth.


It’s a double mouth of Okura (left) and Weiti River (top) which end up in one big opening.

During low tide the entire riverbed is dry and only a channel is left. I tried one hour before low tide to cross. I approached the channel and tried different spots to cross but there was always a steep drop – and at that point my hips were already completely under water. I walked further out in hope it would flatten out. Maybe a little bit. At the end the water still went way above my belly button up to my ribs. My walking poles were completely under water and also my backpack was one third under water. A little bit scary I have to admit even though the current was not strong anymore.


After the crossing you are supposed to head inland and up north on the western side of Weiti River and circling around it which gives you an additional 10km walk. I hoped to also cross the Weiti River in one go and then to continue in a straight line to Owera. But when I approached the remaining channel of the Weiti River I had to realise that the track was there for a good reason – no way to cross. Even during now absolute low tide. It was still possible for ships to go in the channel.

A first boat came along and I asked where the next possibility to cross was and the guy just pointed upstream. So I continued a little bit until the next boat came – a lot smaller one. The two guys turned by and asked me if they just could give me lift to the other side. Jiehaaaa! “Water-Trail-Angels”! So I hoped on the nose of the boat and enjoyed the ride to the oher side. Saved me 10km of road walking and only left me with 12km to go to Orewa. Not exciting – just road but with nice views once in a while.
Orewa is beautifully placed in a nice bay between Whangaparaoa and Waiwera.


Enjoyed the sunset and also a little rest on the beach.

My shirt is falling apart. I don’t think it will last longer than a few more days now…

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