It already started during the night and did only stop for about an hour during the day – rain. So we packed up our wet tent and got into the canoe. Well, what can I say. There are more exciting things to do. Since we were both wrapped in our rain jackets with our hoodies on conversation was also limited. The only change today was between lighter and heavy rain ?

About half way we did a little hike to the “Bridge to Nowhere” – a leftover from an abandoned settlement from veterans after WW2. Now the bridge literally ends in nowhere. The old bridge does not exist anymore but therefore a new one.

I finally managed to capture some of the ducks on the river.

At night we stayed at one of the traditional Marae of the Maori. It is a place for ceremonies still used today.

We were happy that there was also a bit at the tent site where we could at least dry our wet cloth from the day a little bit. And back we went into the tent while it was still raining…