We got up in the rain again and packed our wet stuff in the barrels. The river actually had risen over night and it was good that the canoes were tight to a pole ?


Today was an easy day with only a little bit more than 20km so we took it easy with a lot of floating parts without paddling. Only the rapids we took with care even though I made sure we got enough water splashing going on. Especially great fun for the person sitting in the back watching the person in the front going in the waves. Well, Katie retaliated herself with a few paddle spoons of water in the back of the boat… ?


And even the sun came out at the end and gave us a nice farewell from the river.






A little bit sore and tired we came back to Taumarunui and had a warm shower before we went for a nice Indian dinner. What a great adventure. Tomorrow is rest day and we will try to climb Mt. Ruapehu in the Tongario National Park.