After the late arrival yesterday I just could get up early today. I tried, but I was just to exhausted. It was great to have the hut to myself so I could just leave my stuff everywhere and also my tent dried insight during the night.

King of my castle 😎

The day started with a mean climb straight up through the bush.

It was partly so steep that I had to use both hands to pull myself up. Over 1000m of altitude just in one go. I could feel my legs from yesterday and I was not able to go my normal pace. Either a yesterday was really exhausting or the time in Abel Tasman and Wellington with all the beers, wines, burgers, fish and chips and the little walking already knocked down my good condition ?

At least the forest gave some great views with the moss covered trees.

 Haven’t seen it that intensively since the Longwood forest at the very beginning.

Once out of the tree line the view over the Tararua Ranges was very nice. You could see the coast and also the way ahead for today.

 Today was somehow a weird day. Even though the views and the ridge line walking was fine after gaining the altitude in the forest I still couldn’t really enjoy. It felt a little bit like being tired of walking. I was actually very often sick and tired of walking up and down the entire day. Maybe it’s also because I had to do over 3000m of elevation in total today. I hope I haven’t been off the track for too long to get back in the rhythm. Also I haven’t met a single person for the last two days.

And I definitely need new shoes. Mine don’t have any grip whatsoever. Palmerston North – I hope you have some nice shoes for me…

Tomorrow I will have to pull another big day – there is a severe thunderstorm approaching and is supposed to hit the area in the morning of the day after tomorrow. So I will try to get out off the mountains before I get in trouble or stuck for a day.

My home for tonight is cute though…