Early start today which was not to hard after the easy day yesterday. It was very nice to climb the 700m to the saddle in the early morning with only gentle sunlight. The trail was hard to spot and our friends tussock and speargrass where also heavily present again ? But besides this very nice stretch.



I am continuing my German lessons for Breann and Jay. Since the speargrass was nasty today and I – as always – still refuse to wear long pants since I am afraid of an overheat collapse I thought them the very important saying: Nur die Harten komm’n in Garten!After the top of the saddle – also no surprise for the careful reader anymore – we had to go down again. We followed the creek for about three hours crossing it a zillion times or just walked in it for a while. At least my shoes are clean again.



We met a lot of SOBO again today – they all told us how difficult it was to get a ride into town at the end of our stretch. Let’s see…

We continued to the next hut – a very beautiful and small hut.

To give you some insight of the daily tramper food and nutrition plan: my dinner today. Polenta with tuna and two packs of rich tomato soup. Very delicious ?

And again – I scratched one of my sandfly bites open. Idiot!