Still exited by the great evening I made it over a small hill into severe bush forrest. Somehow the trail markers ended at a fence and instead of going back I tried to continue around the fence. Then there was another marker and I knew I had to make my way down back to the beach. At the beginning it also looked like a trail but it quickly ended. Having spent over 1,5h to get here I didn’t want to return so I continued through bushes that were about 2m high and so dense that I got stuck several times.


I had to take my backpack off and crawl certain sections. Unfortunately there were also bushes with spikes so all my arms, legs and also the face has some severe scratches and cuts. Took me an hour to get out there. The rest was a nice hike over some lamb fields and down on the beach.

The beach only had very loose rocks which made hiking very unpleasant so I did the last five km on the road instead. What was supposed to be an easy 13km stroll ended in a quiet annoying 5h day…Pitched my tent at the campsite and went to bed early.

Started with my audible book “Bin dann mal weg” – danke Isa & Maddin!

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