I left Invercargill after a sensational breakfast quite early.


The next big stretch with over 32km (finishing this would mean 2% done already – only 2945km to go ?). I was on the street for not to long as a couple stopped and asked me if I needed a lift. First time to hitchhike in my life so far. They dropped me off where I left the trail the day before to continue to my hostel. From the beginning of Oreti Beach it is another 20km to Riverton. Fortunately the tide was low and the sand was very firm so walking was easy.

Another day with blue sky and sunshine.

Also the river crossings were easy.
The light breeze also made it nearly perfect for walking. Only the pain in my legs and feet was getting stronger and stronger. Sore muscles, aching bands and also a small blister were taking turns or played as an orchestra together. The 22+kg of my backpack were not helping either. After a short break I was so stiff that it took over 20min to get back in a walking rhythm. Maybe another 5km…Then two very nice ladies, Kim and Rebecca, passed me again on their way to Riverton on their horses. I guess it must have been a little bit of both – Southland hospitality and the way how desperate I looked. Rebecca offered me to “hitchhike” on the horse for the last bit to Riverton. She took my backpack and up I was on the horse – what a relief! My second trail angel!

We had a nice chat and when we arrived in Riverton Rebecca spontaneously asked me to stay at her place for the night – a sleeping mattress vs a real bed? What an easy decision ?

But also here it didn’t stop! While we were having cool drinks her friend Ruth stopped by and the decision was taken to have a joint dinner. When we arrived at her place shellfish, Bluff oysters, Gewürztraminer, Gin Tonic and other good stuff was served. I love camping ?

We chatted until I almost fell asleep sitting on the couch (most of you know this happens quickly with me) and I had a wonderful rest. For breakfast toast, scrambled eggs and salmon was served before we went to town to get my resupply done for the next days.


I received a free city tour by Rebecca on top and also checked out a garage sale in town. To somehow give back a little bit for the great day I got her a red toolbox she needed. After that I was dropped off at the trail and I continued to Colac Bay.

Kim, Ruth but especially Rebecca: THANK YOU so much for this memorable stay in Riverton, your time, support, the enriching conversations! You really made my day and I am still overwhelmed. Thank you for being a wonderful host to a smelly stranger ?

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