Many of you have followed the last 2 years of my journey. Many of you have read a lot of what I have written – by now 360 articles! That’s a lot of reading. That’s also a lot of fun facts I just stumbled across preparing for a little speech which surprised me myself. 2 years in a few numbers:

  • Visited 17 countries
  • Crossed 37 borders
  • Took 54 flights
  • Destroyed 7 pairs of Salomon Speedcross shoes
  • Walked over 8.500km
  • Slept over 200 nights in a tent
  • Ate over 30kg tuna
  • Broke 2 iPhones
Exchanged my backpack 4 times
  • Changed my telephone number 8 times
Highest point reached: 6.088m
  • Southern most point: 64°88’S / 63°25’W

But since pictures say more than words… I have kept this one to myself for a while now . But I think it’s worth sharing. For myself it’s probably even a stronger and more intense memory since I have a story, a day, a happening and many pictures and feelings in my mind with every of these pictures.

But for the ones who followed you will as well discover a few pictures which will remind you on the one or other story you have read. One picture of each day of the two year journey. Enjoy!

Sweet as, brew! Let me know when there's new stuff online!

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