I have been lazy with the blog – I know. But the last weeks have been extremely busy. Manly due to a lot of flying but I have also done a lot of things aside. One of them was (the first) trip to Seattle.

I left Vancouver after my last flight that day and two hours later I was already in Seattle. First stop was with the one half of “Couples Retreat”, Jeremy and Anna. The attentive reader might recall who that is… Jeremy and Anna were the first two people I met after I fell off a cliff in the Richmond Ranges, dislocated my shoulder and got stuck in a wasp nest. Their positive spirit cheered me up and kept me going that day. Since then we have stayed in touch and now we are more or less neighbours. So we decided to catch up – after almost 6 month now. Time is flying.

They live together with Jeremy’s brother Adam and his wife Anne on their own little farm with tons of veggies, donkeys, alpacas, chickens, and goats – what a lovely place. I directly made friends…

Jeremy and Anna live in their Winnebago on the ground. Great idea. You don’t really need a big house. Something to think about for the future. Well the evening flew and we had way to little time to catch up. But it was great to see these two trail angles again! Thanks for hosting me and great to meet Anne and Adam as well.

Next stop: Everett and the Boeing factory. A handful of people from my Lufthansa “C-Kurs” seminar had decided to come to Seattle for a reunion. Nothing easier then driving down for me. Our tour guide Holger had organised a tour in the Boeing facilities so we all met up on Friday morning.

So funny that you can tell by the picture who is currently on an endless vacation and not in the business life anymore… ?

We had a great tour through the amazingly huge facilities and I also had a glimpse on one of a brand new Air New Zealand 787 planes. Maybe this one will bring me back to the Kiwis one day…

After a nice evening in downtown, a few beers and great food we had planned for a nice hike the next day close to Mt. Rainier.

A perfect day and a really fun hike! We came really close to Mt. Rainier and had good views all over the Cascades. Also an amazing achievement from Ben – he just received his artificial leg a year ago and went on this 4.5h hike with us. His first one so far. It was great to see him running up and down the mountain trail. Good job, brew! And great to see you running again. Can’t wait for our first real uphill speed competition ?

I could also directly apply my new meteorology knowledge in spotting the mountain wave over Mt. Rainier and a lenticular cloud in the lee wave. You don’t understand a single word? That’s how I felt a few weeks ago… ? Anyways, just looks cool how Mt. Rainier has the little cap on.

After a little nap in the car we explored the old Expo area in Seattle and visited the Chihuly expedition.

What a great weekend! It was great to catch up with Holger, Tobi, Ben and Angie. It was quite interesting to see – even though we hadn’t seen each other for almost a year it only felt like a few weeks ago. It was also great to get an update from the good old Lufthansa world. And without any bad feelings it also felt good to be an outside spectator now… All good as gold!