To all my fellow airline friends. Life is not over after you hand in your ID card. You can still fly Business Class anytime you want. And you know what the coolest things is – you can just rock up anyway you like. For example like me: Shorts, t-shirt, hat, beard, backpack and people are still super friendly to you. And you can also go to the lounge and eat and drink. I love this life… ?


And even cooler – they treat you like a real VIP. Since they knew that I was on board they organised for the fire truck of Suva Airport to give a special water canon welcome to me and they also rolled out the red carpet for me. The Prime Minister was there to welcome me as well. You could now say – “Yes, he is important but isn’t that a little bit too much?”. I don’t think so ?

The Hamilton Chiefs who were also on the plane on their way to a Rugby game against the Crusaders in Fiji since they. They probably thought that the whole reception was done for them… ?

Well, what can I say. I thought I better visit the Pacific Islands while I am already down here and I have to say I really enjoyed it. The Fijians are just great people. Happiness and friendliness all over the place. It was a good break of the city life.

Just a few impressions from the five days which included some sun bathing, scuba diving and beautiful sunsets.

A cool trip to Sigatoka with the local bus and a kava session with the locals.

High class entertainment program:


The coolest office on the planet

And a snorkelling trip to Beqa island and a lot of good food and cocktails… ?


But the very best of all is the concept of “Fiji Time” or “Island Time”! The Fijians themselves make fun of the fact that the clocks have a different speed in Fiji than anywhere else in the world. 3pm is more or less a rough estimation a time – not more, not less. It can mean 1pm but more likely 5pm or just tomorrow. Knowing that the tourists are usually not familiar with the concept all times are always given in “Normal Time” and “Fiji Time” whereas “Normal Time” still is not comparable with our time ?

There is never a right or wrong…

Vinaka Fiji for a great vacation. And vinaka for all the laughs and great hospitality – especially to Tina.