When I got up this morning the family council came together to consult about my situation. In an joint agreement it was agreed to release me today back on the trail.
This was on the one hand good news on the other hand it also meant it was time to say goodbye for now. After our breakfast made of another portion of homegrown free range eggs I packed my stuff.

I was really looking forward to get back on the trail and into the walking rhythm but on the other hand I was sad to leave my family behind. I am so thankful for what they did for me in the last few days. Not only giving me a bed and food but also a lot of entertainment, fun and good conversations. I am only gone for a little while but Buncle will return. Promise. THANK YOU guys!!

Warren dropped me off on the trail again and saved me some unpleasant road walking with this. A final goodbye to Warren and Thomas and then I started walking again. I am pretty sure that besides the TA walkers not many people have seen this part of Auckland.


And then the first glimpse of the Skytower – a very important landmark in Auckland which I will pass tomorrow.

And then I got closer and closer to the airport. I just couldn’t stop smiling the closer I got to the airport.

That’s where I had arrived four months ago and also left for Invercargill to start my journey. It was an amazing feeling to be back at the same spot now knowing I had walked almost 2400km to get here.

Thinking of what all had happened in the last four months and how much it had touched, changed and made me think was an incredible feeling. This is at least how the change looks to make it more tangible. Just one word: Happy.


I had to go into the terminal building. I just had to. I had lunch and enjoy the moment.
Both of my feet were doing okay today. They felt the little bit sore after the first 20km but none of the pain neither the left ankle nor the right foot were really bad. That was a great feeling.
Another milestone – Auckland city boundary! ?

The trail circled around the west bank giving me some nice views of the sunset.

I decided to camp both nights in Auckland and not to stay in hotels. It feels more appropriate for the trail and I will most probably never pitch my tent in Auckland after that again.
When I arrived at the campground I bumped into the ranger. “You walked all the way? Don’t worry about paying. Just pitch your tent and relax.” Sweet as! ?
And that’s what I did. Pitched my tent at a beautiful and sheltered spot, had dinner and enjoyed the beautiful sunset over Auckland.


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