Time flies! It has been already more than a month since the last update on Do What Make Good… 😳 What can I say. I have been sucked into work and a lot of grown-up things. Welcome to the real world again I guess… But it has been a super exciting time as well and a lot of things happened.


Matze, Fabi and I have spent an enormous amount of time in our little office working on our project www.campo-golf.de and we have moved the project a significant step forward. We are about to go life in a few days.


We are not always drinking beer during working hours… Not always. 😂

We are just working on the final details now and a lot of data security and privacy policy requirements 🙈 – I am back filling out huge Excel sheets and process flow charts. Greetings from my old life… 😂

I am still enjoying the contrast. The startup life still brings so many new and cool things along with the work itself. I always wanted to wear a suit with shorts in my old office life. Our new standard business dress code looks like this. Now I only have to get a jacket again 😂

Dresscode: business

And the even cooler things is – that’s also how I go to business meetings now. THIS ROCKS! 🤘And since the season really starts now, our product is almost finished and we are ready to start it is definitely #zeitzugolfen / #timetogolf which is also our brand slogan. For my birthday my two favourite colleagues made me this cool present. I am officially a living advertising column now… 😂

#zeitzugolfen #timetogolf


A new tent…

And then it was also time to find a new place to “pitch my tent” after living on Jan’s & Betty’s couch for over 5 month now… 😳 I am really grateful that you guys let me stay for that long. And for everything else you did – I love you guys! You are the best 😘So my new crib is downtown now. I decided to move into a shared apartment again. Filling an entire apartment by myself felt like way too much for a few reasons. On the one hand side it felt like getting to stationary and settled and on the other hand I didn’t want to be able to just crawl into my own four walls and to maybe fall back into old routine habits. Sharing an apartment again means you have to make compromises, arrange yourself with others needs and on top gives you great company. Definitely a step out of my comfort zone again after living on my own for the last 14 years. I found a cool flat with two amazing roommates and what can I say: It feels great!

The new tent aka “the crib”


Creux Du Van

I also managed to spend some more time in the outdoors. Another little PCT preparation run for with my Swiss friend. We decided to explore the area around the Creux Du Van in the Swiss Jura. A bit surprised by the still waist deep snow pack in certain parts it became quite an adventure. We tried to climb up a gorge to get to the plateau but had to turn around a few meters away from the top since we ran into 1.5m thick ice packs on the trail. But we found an alternative and were rewarded with this:




Looking back at the Creux Du Van

We camped on the snow close to the “crater” after preparing a good surface to pitch the tent – like in the good old days in the Sierra 😍


Preparing the camp spot



More pictures of the Creux Du Van here…


PCT start exactly one year ago… 😳

And what can I see – many of the Team Switzerland are already on the trail and every day I now get posts, messages and photos from the trail reminding me on my own PCT journey last year. I started exactly three days ago last year. And it still feels like yesterday seeing the #hikertrash walking through Mt. Laguna and the other first stops. I have to admit I do get super itchy feet looking at all the images and I catch myself wishing to also be back on the trail… It is all perfect the way it is now but I am definitely addicted to the trail life. Can’t wait to get out again…


Coming back to the roots – a visit at Lufthansa…

And then there was this very special moment a bit more than two weeks ago. I had the honour to speak about my journey at my old employer Lufthansa. They do have a series called “inspired” where they offer get togethers, speeches and other activities for people who are interested in taking an active part in the change process of the company. And I was asked to now be on the other side of the platform. A very special moment.

It was already very special to walk to the headquarter. I don’t know how many thousand times I have entered the building in my life already. But now after almost 2.5 years it was very special to come back. I was nervous but I was also very excited. The closer I came to the building the happier I actually became. It just felt great to be back. I can’t put it any other way. And it again showed me what I had felt many times during the last two years already – I left Lufthansa on amicable terms. I closed a chapter with positive feelings and memories being grateful for an amazing time from which I don’t want to miss a single day. And I will always stay a great fan of Lufthansa. So with this it was like visiting an old friend.

When I approached the reception the guy looked at me from top to bottom in my t-shirt, jeans and sneakers. I told him that I had a meeting and he just asked me “Private or business?”. I really had to hold myself together to not burst out laughing and told him “Business. I am here to give a speech.” And then he asked me, if I had been here before. And again I had to hold myself together. I thought about what to say, to tell him that I had spent maybe half my life time in this building already but decided to keep in short with “No, not as a visitor.”. Such a hilarious conversation… 😂 And then I received my visitors badge and was good to go:

Thanks for hosting, good old Hansa. It was great to be back 😊

Good things

And to close todays post an encouraging story from last week. I have talked a lot about my experience with people, trust and judgemental behaviour since I am back. On Thursday I went to a bike shop (Die Radgeber) to by a new lock. When I wanted to pay the lock with was 80€ the girl told me that the credit card machine wasn’t working at the moment. When I told her that I didn’t have enough cash on me she looked at me and said “Then just came back tomorrow or the day after to pay.” No name, no deposit, nothing. Only trust in the good of people and me coming back to pay.
Great to see that these things exist – even in downtown Mainz!

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