I only realised that I had not written a blog post in a long time now. But it is only because so much stuff has happened during the last few weeks that I just did not find the time at all…

Where to start? The last weeks have been incredible! So far there is not much of a post-trail-depression as I had one after the Te Araroa. It feels great to do what I am doing now. I think on the on hand side it is because I actually wanted to do something different again and I found so many little and amazing projects where I don’t even know where to start with at the moment. On the other hand I also think it’s a big attitude thing – I wanted it to be great and that’s what’s happening now! It turns out great. Many things just come to me at the moment and I don’t really have to do much. But one after the other.


Back in the corporate world – for two days.

On my way back from Munich I bumped into an old friend, Sebastian. He immediately connected me with two podcasters whom I was supposed to tell my story and give a little interview. Sebastian said: “You have to share this!”. And a few minutes later he asked me if I would join him on a conference of Daimler to hold a workshop together with him about blogging and community management. What? Of course I was interested! It perfectly fits into my spirit at the moment. Share the story, exchange with people and see what derives out of these opportunities. The credo again is to move out of your comfort zone and to stay awake. Two weeks later I was at the Daimler netWorkCamp 2017 in Stuttgart and talked about blogging, communities and content with Sebastian. It was a great discussion and also an interesting perspective for us with two completely different approaches on building a community for a topic – Sebastian had built a community on purpose to share his knowledge and ideas about Leadership whereas I never had the intention to build a community but ended up having one.


Besides the fun of the workshop itself, the interaction with a great crowd it was also great to be able to share parts of my story again on a different platform. I have to admit I still like being on stage in front of large audiences 😎 🤘


Another great aspect was to be back in the corporate world – but as a visitor. I fully understood many of the questions, concerns and ideas. Many of these things had been my life for fifteen years. So I knew exactly where everything was coming from and it was great to realise how much distance I had to these topics and problems already. The distance and reflection on many of these topics but also the fact that I was not part of the game and dependent on it anymore was a great feeling. I was able to roam around freely, say what I wanted and truly believed without being afraid to offend someone who could have been important for me. I was able to just #dowhatmakegood. Let’s see what I will do with this finding. Thank you Sebastian for taking me.

DWMG 1: I do enjoy sharing my story.

DWMG 2: I like to be on stage

DWMG 3: It’s great to know the corporate world. But it’s even greater to interact with it but not to be dependent on it directly.


Germany & coffee shops…

The thing with coffee and the digital nomad life style. Something is really wrong in this country. I have explored many coffee shops now in various areas in Frankfurt and Mainz and the result is shocking: they are not prepared for me or like-minded people. Either the coffee is crap or they look at you like aliens from mars when you ask for the wifi password – or both. What’s wrong in this country???


But the most ridiculous thing which happened I still find hard to believe. On my quest to find my go-to coffee place with decent wifi I went to “The Holy Cross” in downtown Frankfurt. After ordering a large coffee, a piece of cake and a biscuit I sat down to edit some of my photos and capture some of my thoughts on my notebook. A couple minutes later a guy came up to me and told me that the usage of notebooks was not allowed on the weekends. I looked at him as if it was a joke. But he seemed to be serious and said it was not his rule but the owners. I asked him again if he was serious and what he expected me to do now. And replied that the policy was to not have computers in the coffee shop. I was absolutely speechless. Who are those people who tell paying customers what they are allowed to do in their free time? What would have happened if I had opened a book? Or maybe a book the owner doesn’t like? Are you f*** kidding me??? I shortly thought about arguing with the guy about this but then decided not to ruin my and his day. So I closed my computer and told him that in this case I guess I won’t stay. He looked surprised at me and asked me if I wanted my coffee and cake “to go”. And I just smiled at him and told him I couldn’t care less about the stuff and walked out the door.

DWMG 4: First time in a long time that I am just speechless…


Being unemployed is great!

Well, besides the coffee incidence I am enjoying being unemployed and not locked into a normal job at the moment. It is great. It is the prolongation of my state of mind from the last two years. Nothing that binds or limits you – you can just “do what make good” and follow your instinct and interests. I am working on many little projects and ideas which I am 100% sure I would not follow-up on with a full-time job. If you can, be unemployed for a while. And take your time to re-asses. It’s a beautiful time. You don’t have anything to lose anymore and everything you do will “improve” your situation. So what do I do all day long then you might wonder. First of all I enjoy my new offices. For example my new balcony in my best friends Jan’s & Betty’s house – I am so glad I have a place to stay which is only provisional and a) gives me the feeling I am still on the move and b) the flexibility to quickly change my location in case of an opportunity. THANK YOU soooo much 😘

One of my new offices: “My” balcony 😎

But also the train has become one of my new favourite means of transport. I am the proud owner of a BahnCard25 now and use the German high speed trains to move around. And guess what – they have free wifi on board which is pretty stable. I am officially a fan of the Deutsche Bahn! If you coffee shop owners don’t get your shit together soon than I will just move to the Deutsche Bahn 😂


DWMG 5: Deutsche Bahn is cool.


Currently I am working on many little projects. One of them is a service and an app which will bring golfers and golf clubs closer together when it comes to booking tee-times. Matthias who I met on my travels in South America had the idea and asked me a couple of month ago if I was interested to join. Oh yea, baby! Exactly what I want.  A small setup, a great idea, technology sector and something I have no clue about. The learning continues. We have spent quite a few days already during the last weeks to get this thing started. Great working atmosphere, no unnecessary bullshit but only stuff that we think is worth the time and effort. It is such a liberation and just so much fun – live from our provisional the office:


The only thing we are still looking for is a software developer who would be interested to start the company with us. If you know anyone or you know yourself how to code let me know! Here is what we are looking for: campo


My first video interview in Munich with Eva from Lapaloma Times (online soon…)

Besides campo I am working on another small idea with a friend of mine and I am further exploring opportunities to share my ideas and experience. I have done my first video interview with Lapaloma Times (I will let you know when it’s online), had a little session at a university, podcasts are scheduled with some great podcasters and I am also exploring further opportunities to write and share my content in the future. Let’s see. But there is so much stuff happening at the same time. Many things are also not actively triggered by me but just come to me at the moment. It is insane. I have the feeling being open, authentic and enthusiastic for what you do opens doors and you do get the same things back you seed. And there is no stress and no limits. I can try all of these things. And what ever does not work out at the end is not a risk or a failure but a pure learning. Stoked about the next weeks.

I will also try to organise a little photo / journey presentation in Frankfurt this year. Dates & location will be published soon. So stay tuned and book your ticket to Frankfurt – also well worth only for the Handkäs & Ebbelwoi 😉

Stay tuned and don’t get lost in the fog of Germany’s November like Jan and me on the golf course…