A rather unspectacular day from a hiking perspective. Left late today – 6.30…😂

The trail gently sloped up a bit more than 1000ft and gave us more spring impressions.




There was a bit of snow here and there but nothing to bad. We flipped on a forest road for a while since the trail was under snow and the road was – also under snow – easier to follow. So we made our miles. Drew and Kayla were on the same schedule so we stopped at the same lunch spot – unplanned and enjoyable. The decision to hike our own hikes to Ashland has been a liberation. The pressure to compromise is gone and I have the feeling the willingness and fun in doing things together is back.

Lunch was a highlight. It’s always a highlight. But especially when there is little distraction the perspective of food is a great outlook. Thinking about what you gonna have, in which order, in which combination, what you could maybe eat from tomorrow’s ration and more can easily keep you busy for hours! But today ther was also the outlook for bread, avocado, cheese and tuna 😋

I guess one of the last views of Mt. Shasta…

But the highlight of the day of course was to cross the border from California to Oregon! Even though we still have to go back for 490 miles of Sierras it is a very tangible milestone. The sign of the border though not an highlight… 😂😂😂

I finally captured one if the beautiful iris on trail!

After 32 miles we called it a day. Mission accomplished. 16 miles out of Ashland meaning in town before lunch. My view tonight – debatable… 😂🤘🏼