Kaylee and I had decided to sleep in today. After a bit of too much tension yesterday in the group everybody did their own thing this morning. We enjoyed our special breakfast we had packed out – bread, avocados & prosciutto. What a change!

We traversed along a spectacular ridge for a long time with endless photo opportunities…


I also came close go my first forest fire. Luckily the wind made the smoke and danger go into the opposite direction.

Traverse on a steep snow field….



After Drew had kicked steps in morning I had to go up front. But I was fast enough to take a quick break to enjoy the view.

And then we bumped into her – our long lost friend “Flame” was sitting in the forest! She had also flipped up to Ashland and was going southbound. What a great surprise. She had accumulated so much stuff again that I couldn’t resist on doing another pack shake down – Flame was the first person I did that to on the trail. Round number two… 😂

Last miles into camp – pure spring.