Yesterday after we got dropped off in Belden we started the almost 5,000ft climb. It’s going to be weird to come back here again in two month or so…

We only hiked in 10 miles yesterday since we didn’t get in the trail before 5pm. After two small but still cold river crosings we called it a day. Since we don’t have our bear canisters anymore we now have to hang the food into trees.

When Kaylee and I woke upmwe were glad the food was still there and we didn’t have any unwanted visitors. It felt weird to walk here. It felt a bit wrong – still.The landscape was different to the Sierras but we had no time to feel the change. The melt was further ahead here. Therefore the forest looked different as well


It was still just going up. We had maybe done half of the climb on the day in yesterday. At around 6,000ft the picture changed. Snown again. Now it felt like being back a bit from where we had left 😉

The rest of the day we pushed it as hard and far as we could. The snow was so soft it was horrible moving on it.

During lunch we dryed our gear in the sun wich was very damp from last night in the forest. Also my new sleeping bag got a bit wet… 😔 But what an amazing bag. I guess I won’t be cold at all anymore. We also did was is one of the happiest parts of the day – eating candy 😂

The views became better and also the forest added a few colours. The neon-green moss on the trees was cool!




Even though we only left an 9am and the snow was a killer we managed to get 20 miles in 🤘🏼

And last important finding – we are still on the right way!