Left the Refuge Wallon where I camped close to this night early to make it to Gavarnie today. That was the mission.

The first part was steep again – up to the Lac d’Arratille and to the Col d’Arratille (2528m).

Col d’Mulets followed after a short traverse.

After dropping down 700 or 800 meters again to the Vallee Gaube where you can see the north face of the famous Vignemal. Said to mention that the glacier will probably be gone in two to three years from now underlying the current climate development…

Since I actually ran out of food I had to stop at the Refugio to get some lunch. Washed my socks and shoes, had a massive omelette at the bottom of the glacier – what can you ask more for…?

This was so necessary! Climb up to the Hourquette d’Ossoue probably ate the entire omelette already.

From the pass you get a nice view on the Petit Vignemal which you can also climb easily. But it was already 1pm and I wanted to make it to Gavarnie in daylight.

Well, what to say I was at 2700m and I had to get down to 1365m. The scenery was stunning but today I was more in a mission. It was hot on top and I sensed the upcoming humidity already. So the first 2km made you lose 1000m already.

And then it was another 11km in the valley.

At 4.30pm I just passed out in the shade. I must have fallen asleep for a little while. I was pretty exhausted. But still another 8km to go and 500m to lose. Behind me the clouds were already grey and I felt the first drips of rain when I started walking again. No time to lose!

I made it at 7pm – no rain, no thunderstorm here. But a pizza, salat and a glass of red wine for me. Planning and all that tomorrow…