First of all – Happy New Year to all of you! I hope you had a great start into 2017.

Bri and I spent amazing 10 days on the beautiful island of Kauai. Just a few impressions on what do do in winter time in Hawaii. Of course there is always beach time.



We joined some local kids to jump off a waterfall. I have to admit I would have not jumped if Bri hadn’t done it before me. The water had Coca-Cola colour and could have been 20cm or 5m deep.

My beard is getting long enough to go for the funky styles now! Let’s see how big it gets in 2017 🤘

I couldn’t resist. Passing the Wailua Golf Course almost every day on our adventures I just had to do it. Got my best shirt out, rented some clubs and squeezed some balls of the fairway (and of course rough, sand traps and other awful lies…). This game still rocks.

Bri thought me a lot of things in the last two weeks. I have to admit one of my favourite things is this:

Never tried it before. A few flips and crashes but at the end it worked out What a brutal work out for someone who most of the time only uses his legs. I’ll probably spam you with a few pictures in that pose from now on.

The last day of this year was of course a special one. 2016 had been an amazing year for me. An unforgettable journey so far, uncountable new impressions, fantastic people and a lot of time with myself. So Hawaii for that reason could have not been a better place to end the year. Why? Because it gave me the most possible time in 2016. When my Kiwi friends entered 2017 I still had 23h more hours in 2016 – Hawaii is the last place on this planet to celebrate New Years. But what to do with the extra time. We decided to put everything in this day – so I rented a plane and we did a little sight seeing flight over the island. #lifeofapilot Didn’t fly a plane for about 6 weeks but it all worked out great – and sitting in the cockpit again made me realise that I actually missed flying a lot! Spectacular day and great views of this beautiful island:







Followed by a little hike on our favourite “mountain” – the Sleeping Giant – on the island, some beach time and a great dinner with friends we struggled to make it until 12 o’clock 😂 But with the obligatory “Dinner for One” New Years slapstick and one of the famous “Astor-Powernaps” we arrived happily and fulfilled in 2017.

The last day of my “vacation” on Hawaii came and passed way to quickly! After a morning swim in one of the sacred caves on the island we went on a whale watching tour on a zodiac to see the humpbacks from up close. And we did – a few blows and fins were rounded up with the last and beautiful sunset. Good by, Kauai! For now…

Next stop (after stop overs in Phoenix, Houston and Miami and everything in middle seats – cheap flights suck!): BOLIVIA.