The last two weeks in Vancouver have been an emotional up and down and very interesting from an outside perspective for me.

The weather forecast was awful for the entire time so I sat at home hoping for al title window of good weather for flying every day. But mostly without any chance. I wanted to fly my 100h in so I could easily convert my licence in Europe but there was just no chance. It was annoying to sit and wait without any real alternative. So I decided to move on to the next adventure.

There were some highlights though – my friend Holger, a Lufthansa captain, came over on duty for a day and we went out to see the salmon run in the Capilano River. Impressive how huge the sockeye salmons are!

But then it was time to break down the tents and I had a lot of stuff to organise before I left. Settling bills and invoices, doing the final paperwork with the flight school, handing over my room and getting rid of my stuff – and especially the Corvette. It was more complicated then I thought and it really stressed me out to an extend that I felt really uncomfortable. I did not want to leave the country without selling “her” – I just didn’t want to have the hassle of selling a car from abroad. It was and endless story with a lot of back and forth, guys trying to play games and it took me to the very last evening to close the deal. A real relief.

But I kept on watching myself the entire time and it was amazing. On the one hand side my old talents and drive came out again and got a lot of stuff done in short time. But on the other hand it really stressed me out. Maybe I became to relaxed already? Selling a car too much stress? I can just tell I have to get out of the city and back into nature. I am craving my tent and some hills now.

Vancouver has been amazing! I am glad I had the opportunity to spend an incredible summer here!

Bye bye Vancouver! Thank you for an amazing summer in 🇨🇦!
Thank you for an overwhelming experience becoming a pilot and exploring BC from above! Thanks GOMC to let me fly on you (and sorry for the many shitty and bouncy landings 😂)


Thank you for the greatest housemates and all the fun in Vancouver Bearded Bro’s House! I will miss you Permanent Couch Surfer Scotty, Dutch Waffle and my favourite Brit Samwise! Keep on living life on the edge and we shall meet again 😎🤘🏼


Last time Grouse Grind Run: 37:25! Sweet as, brew!!


Thank you my Babe for being the coolest bad-ass ride on the planet! Really enjoyed the rides we had and getting tons of compliments from road workers, truck drivers, all the other guys and no single female 😂😂😂


Thank you for great outdoor adventures which made me through and through happy!

Auf Wiedersehen to all the great people I met! Take care and “Do What Make Good!” Off to the next adventure – glad to see that my life still fits in a backpack!

Next stop: south. Heading to Costa Rica to improve my Spanish again for a few weeks and then I will continue further south. Let’s see when and where…