My friend Randy took me to Secret Cove on the Sunshine Coast for an epic “glamping” trip. Definitely a proper way to say good bye in style from beautiful B.C.


A great mixture of relaxing and fun with hiking, great food and swimming in the 11C cold sea!



Thanks for taking me and being such an amazing BC tour guide and more on this trip!!! I will miss you and looking forward to the next joint hiking projects! You rock – bad ass mountain girl 🤘


And of course I couldn’t leave without a final flight. After the weather had been really shaky and un-planable I was lucky to get out one more time and to find an adventure who was brave enough and available on short term notice – my favourite barista in town (probably because she had worked in New Zealand as a barista as well and knows her art! 😉)

So we took my favourite Cessna 172 FNJB for a last little ride. Since a nasty front was pushing in from the west we had to stay east of Vancouver Island not to get into the 50kt gusts – not too much fun with a little plane… So off to Garibaldi, Black Tusk and Whistler we went.

Starting with an orbit over downtown of course to get this fantastic view in for the last time. Downtown, Granville Island, False Creek and Stanley Park.

Making sure I go the right way and don’t intrude into airspace I am not supposed to go without clearance (like some other people which then had to fill out paper work… 😂) and off into the mountains which had their first cover of snow.



Bye bye Lake Garibaldi and Black Tusk…



A valley close to Whistler with nice coulds hanging low on our way back. We returned safely to to Boundary Bay Airport with a little loop over Downtown and my favourite training area in Pitt Lake. Chanelle survived the trip with me 😋 and I was also very happy with my last landing. Couldn’t resist to give a short thank you to the air traffic controllers in Boundary Bay over the radio for their support and help during my training and then I parked FNJB – at least for now – for the last time in front of my flight school.

Idle, Mixture-Cut-Off, over and out. 😎