After I made it back from Inia I had a few more things to organise in town and to finally say good bye. Sarah insisted of driving me to the airport. I have to say that I was in a similar state of mind as I had been when I arrived at Cape Reinga. I really didn’t want to go. I am very much attached to this country.

A big “Thank You” to my Kiwi Mom, Sarah. Thank you for being my post office, host and flatmate for weeks, partner in crime, consultant but more than that a just a great friend. Cheerio, Mrs. Sophie!

And I have to say it is good that I leave now – if I would not do it now I would probably not leave at all anymore. New Zealand, you are amazing. Thank you for everything.
I will be back. That is not only a promise.

A last glimpse on the city from above and a last and quiet “Auf Wiedersehen” before I start to the next part of this journey.

Vancouver. Why Vancouver? Very simple answer. It is on the northern hemisphere and that means summer! With my broken toe I had to postpone some of the technical mountaineering ideas like Denali, Elbrus and Iceland to next year. Which is not bad at all – something to look forward to next year!

But what am I going to do in Vancouver instead? I have decided to go for my private pilot license, the so called PPL. So I will go back to school for the next three month studying, learning and hopefully flying a lot to receive my license. I am very much looking forward to the learning part, the fun and a completely different environment and challenge compared to the last six month.

Now I will try to watch all three “Lord of the Rings” movie on my flight to Vancouver and try to spot all the places I have passed on the trail… ?