This weekend had been planned for a long time – boys weekend in the wilderness. The “Vancouver Bearded Brothers” wanted to so a house-trip to hike and camp. The closer the weekend came the worse the weather became. Three storms in three days were forecasted for the weekend with very low temperatures, rain and snow. Nothing you want to experience in the mountains…

So we came up with the idea to find a nice little rustic cabin in the mountains to still spend the time outside but having a safe place to retreat in case of too bad weather. But it was kind of hard to find exactly what we wanted. Most of the cabins were just to fancy and nice for what we wanted and not far enough away from civilisation.

Again – coincidence and luck came along. My Canadian friend Randelle who I told our dilemma said that she wanted to go to a secret and private cabin with a friend over the weekend as well and offered us to come along. How high is the chance…

Since Arno couldn’t come along, Sam and I set out to our adventure road trip.

Scotty was so kind to lend us his Jeep and off we went to Whistler. Based on Randelle’s directions we tried to find the place since they couldn’t leave as early as us. So we explored the nicest backcountry 4×4 roads, found amazing spots, cabins and lakes in the wilderness to find out that we left the road on turn to early. But what a great scenery and fun with the Jeep!

Finally the girls arrived and guided us the right way. Up into the mountains almost to 2000masl! Temperature dropped to the point where we entered the snow – my first snow in a long time!

And then to our surprise – we had the cabin to ourselves! Nobody was there since probably most of the people were scared off by the weather forecast. Yeahhh! The cabin was built by two carpenters who don’t lock it and are happy to share this fantastic spot. Again an amazing example of trust & sharing. You will only find it if you know where it is and it is a well-kept secret. We felt very special to be invited.

We arrived and started a fire which made the cabin nice and cosy…

Lizzy, Randelle, Sam and I spent the entire night chatting, playing yenga, drinking fantastic wines and listening to the storm outside. It felt so good to be out of the city and back to the basics. What an amazing spot…

Next morning the clouds cleared a little bit and we had views over the valley where the cabin was nested above. Stunning views…

And the simple things in life. What more do you need – a functional little cabin in a beautiful spot:

Basic hygiene:

Melting snow in the fireplace:

Boys & girls:

After leaving the cabin behind we continued through the backcountry behind Pemberton to go to some natural hot springs. The drive there was amazing and mystical at the same time with the clouds.

We probably drove about 2.5h to get to the hot springs to find out that the access had been closed to due aggressive grizzlies in the area. They had been chasing hikers for food and after succeeding a few times their learning curve seemed to be steep – the encounters became so close and dangerous that the authorities closed the trails and the mining company surveilled the road block. A little bit of disappointment but only for a couple of minutes. Yes, would have been nice to get into the warm water on a wet day like this – but the road trip itself was making more than up for it.

A last little stop at their favourite cafe in Squamish and we were on our way home again. It was so great to get out of the city again. Being on the road and out in the country side again was just what we needed. Felt like being gone for a long time. Great road trip.

Thanks Randelle and Lizzy for taking us to this amazing spot and the great trip. #deephappiness