I have to admit I really got used to writing and after all the positive feedback I received I do enjoy it even more. So I wanted to restyle my blog the entire time in Vancouver but never found the time during my flight training. Now the rainy days helped of course. This is also why I do have a bit of backlog in posts – but they will be released this week. So stay tuned.

Leave me a comment or let me know how you like it and if you find anything that doesn’t work properly or could be improved! Looking forward to your feedback.

Next to the restyling I also went for a rebranding – well, the old version never really had a branding. Anyways. The new name and branding no is:


Do What Make Good? Does this guy not know how to speak proper English?

A few years ago I climbed Aconcagua and shared my tent for almost three weeks with Matt. Whenever I asked him for advise like “Hey Matt, should I wear the thick head or the thin one?” the only thing he would reply was “You know what, you got to do what is best for you!”. What started out as a running joke slowly but surely became a life motto and a guidance for many decisions.

I used it everywhere, even in my office life and my teams and it peaked in being the last sentence in my bosses farewell letter when I left my old life. Why would he go when he has a heated office, free coffee she asked? Well, I guess you got to do what you think is best for you were her last word.

But where did he lose the grammar from this perfect sentence?
In one of the many huts on the South Island in New Zealand. The discussion circled around life, what to do and no surprise for the trail life where you have time to reflect and focus on the really important things. No matter how you twist and bend it – at the end we all have the choice to make decisions and to decide which turn we take. It’s up to us to figure out what is best for us and then also to do it. It happened that also a Korean (name unknown) hiker was in the hut this evening with a limited English vocabulary but he was engaged in the discussion as well and wanted to express that he strongly felt the same thing – in his words: “Do What Make Good!”. It might not grammatically be perfect but it came from deep insight and just nails it. Thank you to my very special friends from Te Araroa, Jeremy and Anna (www.bohnettwego.com), for sharing this great story.

fullsizeoutput_307cThe new logo combines a few aspects. The logo reduces “Do What Make Good” to the D and G. The inner part of the D & G is a Koru – the
unfurling fern. The Koru in the Maori culture is a very strong symbol and stands for new life, growth, change and strength. It is a perfect symbol for what this change in my life, the trail and New Zealand has done to and for me so far. The Koru also accompanies me for the rest of my life as a reminder of this (My Koru)

Therefore the Koru became an integral part of the new logo. The inside of the D and G are symbolised Korus – very similar to my own one


A big T15153031_10154950267468646_48856527_o-pnghank You to my housemate, Arno Schurmans, for converting my ideas into this beautiful artwork! Amazing job! He managed in only a couple of hours to translate my ideas and really bad scribbles into a beautiful and minimalistic design which perfectly combines beauty and meaning. If you are ever in need of a logo and or branding – I can highly recommend him. Thanks bro for your help!