Got up with everything being wet. But – blue sky and no rain in sight.

So we were glad we had passed the gorge already which probably would have been impossible today. Good call to push it last night!
First 12km on a gravel road today were unspectacular. And then 6km of State Highway 1. The last time walking on the State Highway!


Wow, I guess there will be many last times from now on. Only six and a half more days to go…
It also means Cape Reinga is not far anymore!

As soon as we hit the highway the showers started. Heavy showers alternating with lighter ones. But very few dry stretches for the rest of the day. It sucked!

Left the state highway, filled up our water supplies in a creek of brown and smelly water – but the only reliable water source for the next 20km. We wanted to push it into the Raetea Forest as far as possible today and find a spot to pitch our tents. Is that for what we have to expect???


But with the weather we decided to stop at the entrance of the forest. Took a while to find a little bit sheltered spot.


I went into my tent and was exhausted. Needed a nap before dinner. The wind was so strong that Inwas afraid the tent would break…