Got up at 5.30h today to have an early start – a long day was expected! From Martins Hut it started uphill again through really muddy stuff to the Longwood saddle.


On the saddle the weather changed constantly. I was in the clouds already for some parts. Then sun and warm again…
After that continued downhill again before I had to go all the way up again to Bald Hill. I used the opportunity of having network reception and called the farmer of the private forrest I need to pass tomorrow. He told me it would be all fine and I can just go. “We took the bulls out yesterday!” – I hope he didn’t leave one, I am wearing a red t-shirt… ?Weather couldn’t decide on itself today – sun, wind, rain, warm, cold and that every ten minutes. So many forced stops to take the backpack down and adjust gear. But at least my fitness is getting better every day! Caught myself laughing out loud a few times in the woods today (I think five days without meeting people is really strange and probably makes you go a little bit crazy…) when I asked myself who actually came up with this stupid idea of doing this for the next five month!!!!! I guess as long as it is laughing not crying I am still good to go ?


Fortunate only took me 5,5h to Bald Hill than the 7,5h expected so I continued even further than the planned beginning of Merrivale Rd. through some magic forrest! You can tell why “Lord of the Rings” was shot in NZ…

Bad luck – there was no accessible water source anymore and I only had 0,5l left – no resupply during the day tomorrow!

So I just continued on my path hoping to find water. After 11h and on the highway again for 30 minutes a nice guy, Craig, stopped and gave me a lift to Otautau. Ran into the supermarket, bought water, beer, Oreos and sour cream and onion chips – jiehaaaa!!!! Will stay on a field close to town today and hitchhike back to my trail tomorrow.

Drying off and chilling after this tough day ?

Craig offering me a ride at 7h on his way back to work. So early bed time ?

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