After a relaxing breakfast I took I the train back – easy 28km day today without a backpack.

The first km where quite annoying since I just followed the State Highway 1 (SH1). But at one point of time the trail diverted to the beachfront and it was just an easy walk.

 There is not a lot to tell. It is a different vibe though. Even if you meet people the encounters are less intensive than in the wilderness. Nobody stops for a chat – I guess we are to close to the city. 

But funny enough – golfing in public parks is not allowed. So unfortunate since I just today carried a 7 iron and balls to play in random parks

So I started my book “To kill a mockingbird” by Harper Lee which will go parallel to the Alchemist now. Fun to be back reading. After an early dinner I enjoyed the sun at the beach for a few hours before I went back to the backpackers to sort out the next days back in the mountains – the Tararua Ranges.