Ben left a little bit earlier so we could catch up. When Breann, Jay and I were on the trail for the first 10 minutes I noticed that I had forgotten my camera in the hut. I had just dropped my backpack to run back as the guy of the other couple sprinted up the hill to bring it to me before I descended the entire 600m into the valley without noticing it – trampers are cool!

After that we had a steep descent into the valley to the river where we met Ben again.

We set off following the river instead of the trail. Different techniques – Breann with sandals, Jay with trail runners and I with boots. I did good for the first 30 minutes and many river crossings without getting wet feet. But eventually I had to resign after getting water in my boots for a couple of times and changed to my trail runners as well. It was so nice to just walk through the river without being worried of getting wet feet once they are wet anyways ?

So we followed the river for another three hours crossing it many times or mainly just walking in it. The river hat some rapids and pools but we never had to cross anything deeper than slightly below waistline.

It was a refreshing way to walk and also change of scenery after the stretches on road and trails. We realised though that out speed was very low and we would have to back on the trail eventually to make progress. So we did catch up with Ben who actually overtook us using the trail. But none of the options seemed good. The trail just went up and down very steeply and we always had the feeling that we just took the wrong decision – trail or river. Anyways after a long day there was light at the end of the tunnel. We climbed up a little strewn with nice pools before we left the forrest.

Reaching a ridge between two valleys and not far to the hut anymore. Took us nine hours for 13km (incl. 1.5h of breaks)!

We found a nice and small pool with a rapid where we took a well deserved shower. What a pleasure after this day! The only annoying thing:sand flies again! I had to step out once this night and came back with 12 bites after being outside for only one minute – these bastards are really annoying! ?