The day started slow after the night yesterday – everyone seemed to be a little hangover… ? I treated myself with a big breakfast: scrambled eggs with onions, tomato, cheese and pastrami. Bread rolls with cheese and pastrami. Farewell with Jason who is heading back home. We will have to catch up with him when we are on the North Island!

At 11h we finally took a cab into the city and went to the post office since Breann and Jay had to send off their food boxes and I my last package to Auckland (NZ plug and German cable for my camera charger).

After a good cappuccino we still did not feel like walking at all. Our backpacks were so heavy since we are all carrying food for seven days. Anyways we finally hit the road at around 12h and progressed quiet quickly to Hawea since it was all flat.

Hung out at the Hotel Bar and had more coffee and beer before we started cooking dinner – polenta with tomato soup and tuna.

Ben tried to introduce a new card game but I think he has to explain the rules again tomorrow evening. His glasses broke on the last day in the mountains. My German engineering fix still holds it together ?

Early night since it will be a long and tough day tomorrow!

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