The last month have been crazy. Fabian, Matze and I have worked uncountable hours almost every day. Sundays we only recognised by closed shops but besides this we contributed everything we had to our “baby”.

Sometimes it was also hard. I was hoping for net beeing pulled back into a crazy work-life with endless of hours so soon. But on the other hand it’s a bit like a drug. I and also the others wake up in the morning beeing so exicted to go the office again to continue it’s a bit scary. I check my mails and notifications in the morning to see what the programmers have delivered during the night and I can’t wait to test and see it. Of course there were also a few setbacks, small things which didn’t work out – mostly as fast – as we wanted them. But having all strings in our hands ourselves just makes work so much fun. We just do whatever we feel like and want to. And if we want to change things we just do it. Instantly.

We have also met many inspiring and supportive people in the last moth which helped us a lot. By supporting us with feedback but also establishing contacts, recommending us and opening doors. The feedback has been great so far and we are unbelievably proud and happy that we went “online” last week. Our first two golf clubs are connected to the platform already and we are working on the next ones.


Just a quick update on this one. If you are a golfer or you know golfers please spread the word, share or sign up yourself. It’s going to be sooo great!

Our claim says it all. campo – #zeitzugolfen which litterally means #timetogolf

So check out the site: and follow us on Facebook for the latest news and updates.