On Thursday it was time again to spread the message of “Do What Make Good”. Together with Andi & Momme from Vogelfrei.Barkultur and Felix & Gloria from Peacefood we had  organised an evening at our coworking space “Coworking-M1” in Mainz. Amazing drinks and tasty Peacefood were the perfect base for all who joined to hear the story of the “Hike to Happiness”.

Despite the brutal temperatures the space was packed and probably 70 people joined. Good vibes, a happy crowd and a lot of interesting questions and discussion. Thank you all for joining, listening, the laughs and gloom I could see in your eyes. I had an amzing evening and a lot of fun. A lot!

A few impressions from the evening.

Drinks by Vogelfrei.Barkultur








Thanks again to everybody who joined despite the heat. Special thanks to the Coworking-M1 for hosting us and for the team of Vogelfrei.Barkultur and Peacefood for celebrating this evening making it a night to remember.


Sweet as, brew! Let me know when there's new stuff online!