Well, what had to happen had to happen. After an easy 6 mile cruise into Seiad Valley on a dirt road we stopped for breakfast at the only place in town. Maybe interesting to mention that Seiad Valley only consists out of a cafe and a small General Store next to the few private houses. After that we all kind of did our own things, caught up with the outside world and shopped food for the next 2 days. Couldn’t resist the avocado-cheese-sandwich option again…

At lunch we sat together and talked about the last few days and what had happened. We all decided to hike our own hikes for the next few days with no obligations and joined planning. Everybody needs to figure out what their priorities, goals and no-go zones for this journey are. And that is probably done best with a bit of space… A good call. We’ll all end up in Ashland at the same time anyways since it’s only a 70 mile stretch.

Kaylee and I took off first and left Seiad Valley first. Good bye…

From one of the locals in town we learned that the trail hadn’t been maintained well on the 7 mile and 4,500ft climb up the hill and that we had to expect a lot of blow downs and overgrown areas. He recommended us to take a almost parallel running forest road instead which intersected with the trail after about 14 miles – also a good target for after lunch with burger and milkshake 😉

The walk on the road was surprisingly refreshing. It was nice to be able to walk next and talk to each orher. Also you didn’t have to watch every step and it was shaded as well. And even though it was a pure climb we were flying up the “hill”.

Kaylee and I talked and reflected a lot on the last days and the group dynamic. It’s too early to really judge it but right now it felt good. Everything was clear, the pressure had disappeared and the constraints had been taken away with our decision. No matter what will happen in a few days it was a big relief.

The beauty around us was very present this afternoon again.

Tiger Lillie

On the way up a pick up truck stopped next to us on the road with the question: “Do you want soda or beer?” What??? Turned out that the girl in the car had done the PCT 2013 and knew what a beer ment up on the hill here. Cherio Miss Sophie!! Sweet as! All you need for a dinner – some ramen & a beer 🤘🏼


And a last hint. Be careful with your socks – eapecially when they smell like cheese as mine do. That’s what you get for leaving them outside… Hope they make it two more days to Ashland?!

End of the day the entire “family” rolled into the same camp spot and we sat together for dinner – only because we wanted to.