The night was cold. After a few drops right before I fell asleep I woke up in the middle of the night with absolute clear sky and bright stars above me. A good omen?

In the morning it was bitter cold. Somewhere around freezing again. So it took a while to get moving. But once we got out of the campsite we couldn’t really believe it. Blue sky and even the sun was coming out. Beautiful weather despite the ugly forecast.

And what else? We had escaped most of the rain yesterday. But other parts apparently not. Welcome to Winter-Wonderland…😍

Rainy Pass

Snow cover above 5,500ft. And clouds were forming in the late morning. Beautiful to watch…




All of the fear from the last days. Blown away. Instead of pain and rain we got to see this epic landscape with a bit of powder everywhere. We also had sunshine almost all day long. Clouds around us in the mountains but we were somehow always in one of the clear spots.



Our mood went up ten notches. Yesterday we still made plans on how to coop with wet food bags and so on and now it was almost time again to put on sunscreen. What a day!

We used our short lunch break to dry the tent and the sleeping bags from the condensation of last night. Another great thing. No matter how shitty the rest of the day would turn out we now had a completely dry tent and sleeping bags again. And so we cruised through the Wonderland for again 29 miles today.


Today we were both talking about our shopping trip in Vancouver and with which oufit we would try to re-integrage into society. I am really excited about getting some cool stuff to wear in a few days. We are both definitely looking forward to finishing now. Also the food topic is getting more and more difficult. Now not even M&M’s go anymore 😝 All thoughts around zuccini, pumpkin, tomatoes, goat cheese, salmon, smoothies…

But it’s great that we get to finish with views like today and not with three days if straight rain & clouds. Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

My fingers are already freezing inside of the tent. It will be cold tonight 😳