It was cold and windy last night. Another sign of the fading summer. A bit more than 26 miles left to Steven’s Pass and our next resupply town Leavenworth.

But first of all a bit more hiking. Today was also a very special day on the trail. Almost exactly a year ago I was alreday here in the same valley hiking with Anna, Sam & Jeremy. The Tuck & Robin Lakes are just on the other side of the valley. From there we were able to see the PCT trail. During our night up at Robin Lake for one maybe the spark for the PCT journey now was ignited but also “Do What Make Good” was born… So I have been looking forward to this day the entire joirney to finally walk on the part of the trail I had seen a year ago already. Hello Tuck & Robin 🤘🏼

Again the pace felt slower than usual. I don’t know why but maybe it’s also the constant up and down. No flat parts at all in this stretch. But I am not complaining. The Alpine stretch is mine…



The stretch is called Alpine Lakes for a reason. One stunning one after the other. We were a bit to chilled to really junp in. But the colours and the clearness of the water 😍😍😍






At Steven’s Pass the first car again stopped and Michael gave us a ride to the famous Leavenworth. Somebody had decided in the 70’s or 80’s to turn this city into a Bavarian village. Why? Because the logging industry once the main industry here broke down and something else was needed to stop the economical downwards spiral. Not a question that I had to check out how they did 😊. And what can I say – it really feels like crusing through a little town in Bavaria. Names, architecture, paintings, everything like home 😂





Even Starbucks is Bavarian here!

Wilkommen in Leavenworth 😎


Unnecessary to mention that there is also German cuisine involved. Beers, brats and Schunkelmusik (traditional songs where you link arms and sway… Even though I got funny looks from the ignotant crowd I couldn’t resist 😊) later it felt a bit like home.


Last big town on the way to Canada! Less than 190 miles 😳

Of course there are more bad news as well. More fires. One right at the border. The trail is still open but who knows how long for. So I guess we are well advised to get there asap…