Nine more miles to go to Snoqualmie Pass this morning. I already had the feeling during the night that the air did get more smokey. When we woke up we saw that we weren’t fooled. Besides our tent also the lake and everything around us was covered in ash. Time to get out!


What can I say – head down and down the hill to the pass until we could finally “see” the highway.

The smoke was so heavy that my eyes started to get irritated. Especially with contacts it’s no fun with all the ash… Bit anyways. Three hours later we were at the pass. Also the sun had no chance against the smoke…

One very strange visit under water on the way down. Doesn’t it look like an anemone?

Guess where we stopped first? Of course. The coffee house 😊.

And then a hitch and an Uber ride later we made it to Ashford. Our goal for today and our side trip. So off the grid for the next few days now. We’ll let you know what we did afterwards… 😋

Ah, found out that they had just closed the entire section of the trail and the road-walk-around we had done for the last two days. Man, we were lucky. Glad we pulled these big and painful days or we would have not made it anymore…