Yesterday we only made it a few miles into the trail since all of the things we had to finish took a bit longer. But the few miles were enough to get to Washington!

We finally walked over the Bridge of the Gods 🤘🏼


On our way in we could see the firefighter planes flying into Eagle Creek trying to put out the fire. The fire which stopped us already from going through the creek four weeks ago. Four of them flew in and out without a break collecting water in the hood river.

After a 3,500ft climb we got one of the probably last views of the Hood River.

And the rest of the day. A lot of up and down in the forest. A bit of the Oregon-story-continues… 🙈 But the forest has changed more to a jungle style now.

And the lowlight of the day. While we were getting water from a stream a backpack was pushed over accidentally which fell onto my pack and mine fell into the creek. And with this my camera went swimming – unprotected. And now it’s dead. The lense is flooded and it also just doesn’t turn on at all anymore. It really sucks! It’s only three more weeks. And we are going to hit some of the most scenic spots on the trail now and I don’t have a camera anymore. It’s a real bummer. It was a shitty day. What can I say. I enjoyed the photography part on the trail so much. But I guess that’s it for now. Only my iPhone with a scratched case is left to document the one or other thing. But no more great pictured from now on… 😔
Needless to say I have to carry the dead weight of camera & equipment around now for nothing. And I even have to loo at it all day still clipped into the camera clip on my shoulder strap since my pack is so full with food at the moment that there is no room insight 😝

Well, guess I gotta find a new hobby now for the next three weeks.