Today was the day – the last day in California. After all the flip-flopping we connected our footsteps completely now: Campo to Kearsarge Pass,
Belden to Cascade Locks and now Kearsarge Pass to Belden

California, done.
Oregon, done.

2144 miles in, 506 left.

So the motivation was high to get done today. We left ourselves 23 miles to Belden. Wake up call at 4.45 and on the trail at 5.45 with head lamps. We rock 🤘🏼

After the last 1,500ft climb of California we were able to look back at the rolling hills we have been forced up and down the last days…


On our way we scared the next bear who disappeared in a big cloud of dust running away from us. I love them. They are so georgous 😍 Also the cats had been out last night a mile away from our camp on the trail. According to the size of the print I would guess it was rather a bob cat than a mountain lion. Or maybe a very little one. Too bad we were to late to see them 😔

From the highest point of the climb we made use of cell phone reception and organised the next two days. Rental car, hotel, etc. And then? 4,000ft straight down to Belden. On the other side of the valley we could see the trail which we had taken up 2.5 month ago. Glad we don’t have to go up there again today! Only difference to 2.5 month ago – the top third of the entire mountain range was still completely covered in snow then!

Back in Belden – after 90 miles in less than three days we mad it “back” here. We couldn’t resist to get food since we ran out of it this morning. Living life on the edge! (@Arno Schurmans) 😂

A quick shower – the first one after 9 days and back over the bridge to get a ride to Chico where we had to pick up our car. Remember the picture from 2.5 month ago? Same, same. Only new shirts 😉

Michael stopped and gave us a ride all the way to the rental car company which was out of his way. And he gave us a great and interesting lecture about farming and history in California having grown up on a farm himself. So many great people out here!

We made it all the way to the first Starbucks before I had to get a proper coffee.

And guess what. The next stop? The second Starbucks on the road ten minutes later for number two 😂 Couldn’t resist. #happyhiker

We drove through the Golden State (guess why it’s called this way) and made it to Mt. Shasta where we had to stop for dinner. And then we crossed the border to Oregon and said good bye to California! Tomorrow
the rest to Portland for a couple of days of recovery with some special treats planned and organised 😉