On the road at 7.30 this morning.

The entire morning was rather lame I have to say compared to the last days. Just over 1.000m up a hill without views on a dirt road. Mmah. I would estimate the temperature at around 6C this morning but the higher I came the colder the wind became. I had to put my sweater and rain gear on climbing up. That’s new. But at least the rain and the clouds were gone.

Met two young Polish girls on the ridge and had my “Second Breakfast” with them. The way down was unspectacular as well – mostly on a dirt road or cutting the switchbacks of the road.

Stopped at a Refugio for a Coke and to dry my stuff which was still wet from yesterday. Ana & Ada caught up with me and tried to convince me to stay for lunch – but I still had two big climbs on my agenda for today. So I says goodbye and took off. Trail was finally getting better.

And then came the steepest climb of all so far. Usually I love the steeper ones. But this one actually made me stop once in a while because my legs were burning. The 5 days food in my pack didn’t help of course… Another 1.000m up.

The Col was pretty cool and the clouds were pushing in again. Also I was back in France again.

700m down into the French Vallon d’Aygues-Tortes. Before it went up again. Now back into the clouds which were getting thicker and thicker.

But a spectacular trail traversing around this mountain face. The trail had been cut into the rocks at some parts. I believe it was the connecting trail between the two hydropower stations of the lakes up here.

The trail runs through a building with doors on both sides which you have to open and close. Also through this casa – I would say it needs a paint-job urgently!

The trail which came up from the valley – I am glad I didn’t have to do that!

Now a bivy at 2.200m in the clouds. Hopefully not everything is going to get wet…