Took the chance to visit Doubtful Sound by boat close to Te Anau since I was in town anyways.
So off we went with a bus to Lake Manapori, over the lake with a boat, over the Wilmot pass with another bus and finally onto the boat in Doubtful Sound.

Weather as to be expected – cloudy, misty, rainy and foggy. The sound gets 200 days of rain per year! So we had he real and typical impressions I guess…

We went out on the Tasmanian Sea and also visited the seal colony.

On the way back we also were very lucky – a school of bottlenosedolphines! They were putting on a real show for us also coming right next to the boat.

Great recovery day and tomorrow there will be sea kayaking in Milford Sound.

Sharing moments is one of the essential things that really make happy. Experiencing the most amazing things on your own is great but less than half as good as having somebody to share with for a live time…

On the other hand travelling by yourself and alone offers you many other advantages – to mention only one: you encounter more people that you would have not talked to otherwise which can (and do) turn out to be some of the most inspiring “incidents”.
Again – also here there is no right way of doing it. Just different ones.

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