The night was cold in the tent! I actually had to get up at night and put on cloth because I was freezing ? When I got up at 6h my tent was completely frozen on the outside. It was probably around -3C. But also no real surprise in a clear night on 1.500m.


And a beautiful sunrise…


Today was the big day of the Crossing and also our climb on Mt. Ngauruhoe! This is also officially part of the TA again. First part was an easy stroll over lava fields until we could see the first hot gases steaming out of the crater rim.


The smell of sulphur also told us we were getting closer…
Just look yourself why this is famous! Emerald Lakes, Red Crater an Mt. Ngauruhoe in the background.







We helped an unexperienced climber from Australia to manage her way up the slopes in teaching her how to use poles and how to make her way through scree. Linda was very glad.

And then we finally arrived at Mt. Doom – it looked impossible to go up the straight face.



The closer we came the steeper it looked! And yes – it was steep and very loose and slippery scree. Just like on Kilimanjaro on the last 1.000m. Once we were climbing the clouds pushed in and it got instantly colder.


When we reached the crater after about 1,5h we had it to ourselves. What a beautifully and perfectly shaped crater!




The downhill part was fantastic! Since all of it was loose scree you could just ski down on it. You just needed a little avalanche just infront of your feet which you could surf down. We were down again in no time. Only downside – it didn’t help my shoes at all. Now they are really falling apart…


Made it to the hut which we are also staying in tonight and enjoyed the first hut with electrical light ? But before the light went on we had a beautiful sunset.


The next morning we were covered in clouds and it started raining very early. But fortunately we only had less than two hours to get back to the cars. First we got soaking wet and I slipped four times on the wet clay ground since my shoes don’t have any profile anymore and then the sun came out to dry us again shortly before we arrived. In good old tradition Team NOBO celebrated again with wine and food before the two ladies left me back alone in the park ? From now on its me on my own again. But I am pretty sure there will be another Team NOBO event… ?

Ah, and Michelle from the store in Auckland managed to get my shoes down to the hotel in National Park. So my old ones can finally go to rest now. Even though I had already said this a few times – now it was really about time!
I have to admit that it was an emotional moment to say good bye to my shoes. They have carried me over 1.500km and they have been challenging in many aspects. Probably the most important part of the gear on this trip. It felt wrong to just throw them into the trash can on the camping ground. That’s not what you deserved after all you went through with me. I am sorry… Good bye and thank you for carrying me. You have been amazing partners!




And these are the new ones!!!